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Appraisal Services Fee Schedule


Franklin County

URAR (1004 w/1004MC), condominiums (1073 w/1004MC)    $400

2055 & 1075 Exterior (Drive by)  $300

FHA   $450

2-4 family income property (1025)  $650

Out of County (adjacent counties), add $50 to above fees

Commercial appraisal services, call for quote

Compliance inspections  $150.00 in county, $150.00 adjacent counties

The above fees are designed to serve as a standard fee schedule.  Non-typical assignments related to value, physical characteristics, etc. may require additional charges.

Our primary county is Franklin County.  We also serve the adjacent counties of: Delaware, Union, Madison, Pickaway, Fairfield and Licking.  Knox and Morrow County appraisals are also available on a case-by-case basis.